Lotus Energy Work is a tool for exploring and transforming our minds, bodies, and spirits which brings peace, clarity, and a sense of our connection to the greater unfoldment of humanity. Each of us is a microcosm of this intelligent, infinite, unbelievably complex and beautiful Universe, and so contain within our own body-minds Its wisdom and brilliance at levels not perceivable from our ordinary state of consciousness.

With Lotus Energy Work, we are able to access healing capacities stored within us on these profound levels. Even if we have no experience with invisible realms or deeper states of awareness, we are safely guided to exactly where we need to go by the precise intelligence of our Inner Knowing.


The mind is like a maze, sometimes confusing, filled with dead ends and loops, often difficult to find a clear path through. Unresolved pain and inherited belief structures make up the walls, which keep us limited in what and how we are able to perceive and interpret what is actually going on in our lives and in other people. Fortunately for us, Universal Intelligence is continually operating to provide us with opportunities to recognize our limited ways of seeing the world, and the self-inflicted suffering which arises from it.


Our bodies are far more than simply biochemical machines here to do the bidding of our lower nature, only really getting our attention when tense, ill, or in pain. With Lotus Energy Work, we learn to tune into the subtle (or not-so-subtle) cues from our bodies and explore them as secret passageways out of the maze of pain and confusion and into untapped resources of information and healing power.


Beyond ordinary, conscious experience, there is a spiritual realm of experience which encompasses and transcends all religious belief and doctrine. It is the Tao, or Way, or Divine Intelligence that got us here and will someday see us safely home. Our Western indoctrination into excessive materialism and defining who and what we are by what we think the world expects us to be, tends to cause us to lose our inner compass. Much of the external chaos which is happening in the world today is an outward, macrocosmic expression of each individual's inner conflicts and confrontations.

With Lotus Energy Work, we become aware of our personal contribution to these collective processes, and in doing so, heal our relationships to ourselves, others and the Divine. We finally become able to let go of old hurts because we see and understand where they come from and the greater purpose of them in our lives. In doing so, we move out of fear and into freedom, happiness, and love for ourselves and others.