“Thank you, Nancy, for being such a beautiful light and amazing spiritual warrior and
teacher. I have much love and gratitude for you, your very wise guidance, and for my own amazing guides and angels for directing my path to your doorstep. I am forever changed. I have much love and peace in my heart, and I see the world much differently now.
Thank you.”
Rhonda Parker, D.C.,
Lotus Energy Institute graduate

Nancy Crossthwaite, LMT, Reg #1560

Nancy has a holistic healing practice in Austin, Texas, and has extensive experience as a mind/body therapist and energy medicine practitioner.

She has been a lifelong student of consciousness and subtle energy within various traditions, including Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism, Anthroposophy (Inner Christianity), and BioGeometry (Egyptian science of energy).

Based on her knowledge and experience, Nancy has developed her own unique approach to healing which features her ability to accurately sense subtle energies and to teach others to do the same.

She offers individual and group healing work, as well as teaches classes on spirituality, meditation, and energy healing.


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